These why I loved this movie, Its such amazing enlightning thing to entire of my life

existentialism is a film

When I was younger, I was keenly interested in the idea of “pure” freedom: being completely independent of all social bonds, creating oneself howsoever one wishes. This idea has a central part in (at least one permutation of) the American dream, in the archetype of the lone frontiersman striking off into the great unknown and claiming absolute independence for himself. It has been a recurring theme in modern art and philosophy: perhaps most prominently, it was fetishized in the novels of Jack London and glamorized in a more moderate form in Thoreau’s Walden (which, embarrassingly, I’ve never read). In Death of a Salesman and Douglas Sirk’s All that Heaven Allows, it was presented as an ideal alternative to the endless, destructive strictures of society (although somewhat humorously in Sirk’s film).

Now that I’m a bit older, I’ve come to realize the absurdity of this dream (at least when it…

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